Branson aims to exhibit country’s most amazing display of Christmas trees

The Branson area is placing a new emphasis on Christmas tree displays this holiday season, thanks to a new initiative introduced by the Branson Christmas Coalition.

Calling the plan a “brilliant celebration of nature, tradition, and creativity,” the Coalition is encouraging area businesses, community groups, and residents to make trees the focus of Christmas displays in the region.

“The Christmas tree theme provides an important thread of consistency that unites our area-wide celebration, and we need to represent that beloved tradition with great pride,” Coalition members wrote in an e-mail.

Plans for tree displays of all shapes and sizes — including 26 brand new displays — are already in the works. Suggested implementations of the theme include illuminating existing live trees, erecting large artificial trees, and creating one-of-a-kind trees made with unique and untraditional objects.

The Branson Christmas Coalition was formed last year to help attain the goal of Branson becoming the top Christmas destination in Mid-America. More information can be found at

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