Branson Christmas Shows 2018

Not all Christmas shows in Branson are created equal. Some feature a full show of Christmas music and commentary, some feature Christmas music for only half of the show, some sprinkle a few songs throughout, and others only perform their regular season show with no Christmas music at all.

We contacted all of the major theaters in Branson and here’s the rundown of what you can expect to see and hear during the Christmas 2018 season in Branson.

All-Christmas Shows

These shows feature Christmas music and commentary during the entire duration of the performance:

Half-Christmas Shows

These shows feature Christmas music during only half of the performance and regular music for the other half:

Some-Christmas Shows

These shows featuring only a sprinkling of Christmas songs, but mostly feature music from the regular season show.

Regular Shows

These shows do not feature any Christmas music, although the show exterior may include holiday decorations: