City lights up new 80-foot-tall LED Christmas tree

Get ready to be dazzled this holiday season as you pass through the roundabout on your way to Downtown Branson and the Branson Landing.

As of today, a new 80-foot Christmas tree serves as a colorful centerpiece for the heavily trafficked intersection.

The tree, sponsored by the City of Branson, is formed from 84 strands of lights attached to a flag pole near the Cox Medical Center Branson campus. A total of 6,300 energy-efficient LED lights cycle through 20 pre-programmed sequences for onlookers to enjoy now through the end of the calendar year.

This display is one of at least 28 new trees being introduced this year as Branson sets its sights on being a go-to destination for Christmas tourism in Mid-America.

See below for a video of some of the tree’s designs, filmed shortly after the tree was officially lit.

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